I don’t leave reviews very often but I had such a good, relaxing time at Malouf’s I had to.

I don’t leave reviews very often but I had such a good, relaxing time at Malouf’s I had to.

First off, 5-stars all the way.

-Everyone running the place and helping out was awesome, friendly and courteous (Dick, Tracy, Sheila and Brian, I’m looking at you.)
-It’s a perfect mix of the outdoors and comforts of the indoors.
-The wash areas, bathrooms and showers were all in immaculate condition.
-I bought food to cook and it was tasty.

They clearly write on their website and say when making a reservation that it’s a 30-minute hike to the camp. I think the change in elevation might be a little much for some people but I’m not sure how they can be so surprised by this as I’ve seen in a few negative reviews. If you have difficulty getting up four flights of stairs it might not be for you.

I stayed in a primitive site that comes with a picnic table, fire pit with grill and is covered with a fly tarp. The site was in perfect order when I got there and I was at least 40 yards from the closest site. This was really nice. I was looking at other camp sites in the area and on Long Island and it looked like you set up your tent in a parking lot.

I was only there for a day so all I got in was a 3.5 hour hike up to the top of a ridge… that I’m not sure exactly what it’s named. The trail was a bit challenging at times since it gets pretty rocky but I was able to get up to the top without much trouble. The view was awesome. Highly recommend.

If you visit you should come down to the picnic area for a beer and say hello to your fellow campers and the crew. I learned a lot about Revolutionary War-era trails and muddin’ tires in a very short time. Good times.

Also, for those afraid of getting stranded on a trail, lost, attacked by woodchucks, there’s 4G cell service (I’m on T-Mobile) covering the whole mountain. You can breath the fresh air and still go on the Internet to look at photos of cats who talk funny.

So, that’s it.

Awesome people. Great accommodations. Nice and secluded.