Meals & More

Food options for everyone. And other important stuff!

Let us do the shopping for you!

Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Campground’s wants to assure that every one of our campers has what they need to make great memories while camping with us. We have everything from Breakfast, lunch, dinner all the way to s’mores! Our meal delivery service allows you to skip meal planning and grocery shopping. So get cooking with our freshest variety of meat, fish, and breakfast add ons.  On your platform site you will have everything you will need to prepare your meals including two propane burners. On primitive sites you will need to supply your own cookware, there is a grate that flips over the fire pit to cook on. Remember foil is your friend!



2 Eggs w/ Bacon (w/roll, Coffee or Tea) $7.00

2 Eggs w/ Sausage (w/roll, Coffee or Tea) $7.00

2 Eggs w/ Ham (w/roll, Coffee or Tea) $7.00

Pancake mix with syrup (makes 8-10) $5.00


12-14oz NY Strip Steak $18.00

Chicken – 2 Legs, 2 Thighs $8.00

2 Large Country Style Ribs with BBQ sauce $12.00

1/2lb Angus Burger w/roll & cheese & condiments $6.00

2 hot dogs w/bun & condiments $5.00

8-10oz Fish – Sword, Tuna, Salmon $12.00

Veggie Burger w/bun & condiments $7.00


15oz Peas $2.50

15oz Corn $2.50

15oz Carrots $2.50

15oz String Beans $2.50

15oz Baked Beans $3.25

4oz Mushrooms $2.00

19oz Chili $5.00

Breakfast Adders

2 Eggs $2.00

Bacon (3 strips) $5.00

Sausage (3 links) $4.00

Ham Steak (2 slices) $4.00

Breakfast Roll $1.00

Coffee single Bag $1.50

Tea Bag $1.50

Smores: Makes 2 $4.00


1 Whole Baked Potato $2.50

1 Whole Sweet Potato $2.75

Rice (serves 2) $3.00

Mac & Cheese (serves 2) $4.50

All food to be cooked by Campers. Add $5.00 handling fee per day for meals, food arrives in a cooler with ice packs. Our vending machines also have a variety of cold drinks and snacks available. Ice available at the camp for purchase.