Totally worth it!

Totally worth it! I went with a friend who was new to the hiking/camping scene and this was the best experience we could have asked for. The whole process was painless and extremely convenient.

We were picked up on time at the Beacon station and Dick was incredibly helpful. He dropped us off at the trail and went over the route with us before we ventured on our path (We did Site 3 in about 5 1/2 hours, which was about 4 hours of hiking). It was awesome to know that our heavy pack and food was waiting for us at the campsite!

The staff was super friendly and accommodating. The bathrooms, sinks and showers were immaculate! While we brought snacks and drinks, most of the food was purchased from the staff. The prices were affordable and the food worked out great (vacuum sealed burgers & dogs, baked potatoes already wrapped in foil, eggs and ham).

If you want to do something more authentic than car camping, this is an awesome option. You get to do an incredible hike without being stuck to a loop, and you don’t have to worry about hauling around most of your gear and food to setup a campsite. Will definitely do it again!